pet-nat wines

Given their recent popularity, it’s likely you might have heard of Pet-Nat wines. These fizzy wines have increased in popularity in recent years, but perhaps many of us still don’t know much about what they actually are. Let’s get to know them better! Pet-Nat is short for the French Petillant Naturel, which essentially means naturally effervescent. […]

Rosé: exposed

rose wines exposed

What is rosé? With Rosé wine gaining in popularity in recent years, the question in many people’s mind is: what is rosé? And how is it made? Before launching into a quick explanation, let’s dispel some myths. Some people still perceive rosé wines as an inferior product, a sort of indistinct ‘in between’ kind of […]

The Dogliani Appellation

dogliani appellation

There is an incredible amount of history and significance tied into the background of the Dogliani Appellation which is based in the North-West of Italy, and that significant history begins with the famous Dolcetto grape variety! For some Italians, Dogliani is almost too close to their neighbouring rivals in France, but in the grand scheme […]

Natural Wine: time to make it legal?

natural-wine-time-to-make-it-legal header

What is Natural Wine? Natural wine is produced with traditional methods and without the heavy chemical, thermal and mechanical processing of conventionally produced wine. Furthermore, the term ‘natural wine’ applies only to the process of vinification, which covers solely what happens in the cellar after harvesting, and not what happens in the vineyard. So far, […]

The body beautiful

natural-wine-time-to-make-it-legal header

Light-weight nimbleness or full-bodied presence? Which one is better? The answer is: none! Or rather: both! Each has in fact its merits. No body shaming around here, only body positivity! With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what gives ‘weight’ or ‘body’ to a wine. The ‘body’ of a wine can be […]